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Defend the Earth against seemingly endless hoards of Killer Hamsters from Outer Space! A simple arcade space shooter with the fate of the Earth in the balance. Can you defeat the Killer Hamsters from Outer Space?

Control your ship with the keyboard, just the mouse or even a game controller (analog)!


Deep in the farthest reaches of space, next to a planet inhabited entirely by chickens, exists a planet inhabited entirely by hamsters. These were no ordinary hamsters, for they were mighty and ferocious. Their planet was one of havoc and death. Any alien life unfortunate enough to land on this planet would never return. With the current implosion of the planets core, these ferocious hamsters were jettisoned into space, flying towards unsuspecting planets. Unsuspecting of the... KILLER HAMSTERS FROM OUTER SPACE!

Fly your ship and shoot down killer hamsters before they reach Earth. If too many hamsters make it to earth, or if you run out of ships, it's game over.

Now features a final boss!

Current version 1.0.